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To create a story is to take your audience on a journey.  To make them feel what your characters feel, to make them devastated with their failures and joyful with their triumphs.  To guide them about your world with an adventure seen through the eyes of the people in it.


As a writer, I strive to give my audiences the best journeys that I can think up, but I also enjoy going on the adventures created by others, and not just the new ones, but the old ones as well, for it is the old from which we draw wisdom to make the new.  I look at their parts — the characters, the worlds, and the plots — to tell you what I think and why, as well as what I would’ve done differently.  


I also discuss the entertainment industry itself: genres, production, trends, tropes, methods, etc, as well as their audiences.  To understand these things is to understand why a story got made the way it did.  The entertainment industry acts like a fluid, always reshaping to fit the needs of audiences and executives alike.  And I want to do this because I feel that I owe it to an art form that has given me a direction for life, and that has existed for as long as humanity has.


Before anything else, people told stories, stories about villains and the heroes who rose to challenge them, about how these heroes grew and what they learned, how they failed yet persevered, and how they triumphed yet only due to their follies.


Stories and the art of telling them are among the few things that have been this way since the beginning and will stay this way for all of time, connecting us to everyone alive, everyone dead, and everyone yet to be born.


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I hope you enjoyed what I had to say.  If you like a blog that focuses on and discusses movies and TV, then you’ll like it here.  Until next time, never stop wordbending, my fellow story-tellers.

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